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— 2017 —

Reusing factories in Zend ServiceManager

I think it is doubtless that modern PHP embraces SOLID principles, and therefore, dependency injection. That's why every modern PHP application needs a dependency injection container to deal with it. There are several options out there, depending on the way you like to work. Every container has a sl…

— 2016 —

Improving Zend\ServiceManager workflow with annotations

Everyone who regularly visits my blog knows that I'm an absolute fan of the Zend\ServiceManager component. It is always my choice to deal with dependency injection in any kind of project, more now that v3 has been released, which is faster and has a better public API. The workflow while working with…

— 2015 —

Managing objects creation and dependency injection with Zend\ServiceManager

Some time ago I wrote the most successful article of this blog, Advanced usage of ServiceManager in Zend Framework 2, explaining all the ways a service can be created by making use of Zend\ServiceManager, the service container component in Zend Framework 2. On this article I'm going to show a real e…

— 2014 —

Advanced usage of ServiceManager in Zend Framework 2

After a time working with Zend Framework 2 one is used to use the ServiceManager, which is one of the most powerful components in the framework. It eases the creation of objects and performing dependency injection, allowing us to define how objects are created just in one place and letting the Servi…

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