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— 2015 —

Working with sub-namespaced modules in Zend Framework 2 the right way

About a year ago I wrote two articles discussing the best way to work with modules with sub-namespaces in Zend Framework 2. Here you can find Part 1 and Part 2 The solution provided in those articles was functional, but it introduced some new problems to deal with. It happens that after some time wo…

— 2014 —

Unit testing Zend Framework 2 modules

One of the first articles I wrote in this blog was an introduction to unit testing PHP applications. You can find it here in case you need to know the first steps and the theory. On this article I'm going to explain how to get a Zend Framework 2 module tested. It is indeed very similar to test any P…

Create modules with sub-namespaces in Zend Framework 2. Part II

Some weeks ago, I explained how to create modules with sub-namespaces in a Zend Framework 2 application. On that article I created an example module that we could add in our modules directory, but what if we want to distribute that module through the composer network to be installed as a vendor modu…

Create modules with sub-namespaces in Zend Framework 2

The Zend Framework 2 module system is one of its greatest features. You can create re-usable modules very easily. Each module has its own namespace, and each one of them should provide an autoloader implementation for the application to be able to load its classes. The basics Usually we give a name …

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