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— 2017 —

My thoughts after migrating some projects to Zend Expressive 2

The day Zend Expressive 2 was released I was super excited. I have been using it a lot for both professional and personal projects, so I'm quite used to it. Since I've been using it in many projects, being able to update all of them to version 2 was a challenge, but I can say, I have succeeded :-) T…

— 2016 —

Creating a content-based Error Handler for Zend Expressive

The other day I was working on a Zend Expressive application I'm currently building. The application includes a REST API among other things, but it also has some endpoints which render HTML. In one of my tests of the REST API I saw that when an error occurs (404, 405 or 500), I was getting an HTML r…

Project Scalability with Zend Expressive

I've been working with some different frameworks lately. One of them is Zend Expressive, and I've come to the conclusion that I don't need to choose between different frameworks; depending on the project, Expressive always fits my needs and scales from small projects to bigger applications. The Micr…

— 2015 —

My first approach to Zend Expressive

One of the trending topics in the PHP world nowadays is the one about microframeworks. It started some years ago with Slim and Silex, but recently it has been an explossion of new microframeworks. First, Slim's team announced the third version of its own framework, which implemented the psr-7 HTTP s…

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