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— 2022 —

How to reduce duplication in your GitHub Actions workflows

In 2019, GitHub published their own solution to run automated workflows called GitHub Actions, which allowed those hosting their code in GitHub, to be able to define and run their CI/CD pipelines in the same platform. When it was released, one of the main pain points to use it was that defining pipe…

— 2021 —

— 2015 —

Emails in Zend Framework 2 with ZF2-AcMailer version 5

About a month ago I released the Zend Framework 2 module ZF2-AcMailer version 5.0.0. This new major version includes some important improvements, and a new configuration system that allows multiple mail services to be registered. When this module was on its first version, I wrote an article explaini…

— 2014 —

Send emails in a Zend Framework 2 application using ZF2-AcMailer module

Some time ago I created a Zend Framework 2 module designed to wrap Zend\Mail and ease sending emails in a Zend Framework 2 application. I was copy-pasting the code of that module in many applications so I decided it was a good candidate to become an independent module. After creating it I pushed it …

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