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Using UUID identifiers for databases in PHP projects with Doctrine

It's well known that using autoincrement identifiers for resources in a public API is not a very good idea, since you are exposing too much information about the size of your database and your business in general. The PHP community is recommending to better use UUIDs these days, because it hides tha…

Working with custom column types in Doctrine. Enums.

Doctrine is currently the most used ORM in PHP. It makes it very easy to work with databases in an object oriented way. It comes with a set of built-in column types that map database types with PHP types. For example, the datetime column type, persists the value of an entity column as a datetime in …

Dynamically create doctrine entity managers in Zend Framework 2

Some time ago I published an article talking about different Doctrine configurations when using the DoctrineORMModule in Zend Framework 2 applications, so that you can create multiple database connections, either by using one entity manager or more than one. Since then, many people have asked me how…

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Configure multiple database connections in Doctrine with Zend Framework 2

There are many situations where you need multiple database connections in your application. In this post I am going to explain how to configure a connection to 2 databases to be used by Doctrine in Zend Framework 2 and how to configure a master-slave connection. Both examples will be using MySQL. Le…

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