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— 2020 —

Considerations when working with async PHP runtimes like swoole

Asynchronous and non-blocking runtimes are pretty usual in many programming languages, as well as long-lived web apps that stay in memory and are capable of dispatching multiple HTTP requests without having to be fully bootstrapped every time. This has not been traditionally the case with PHP apps. …

— 2019 —

— 2018 —

Dependency injection in nodejs projects

Some of you know that I work now as a full stack javascript developer, and I have interacted with a few different projects, both in front-end javascript and in nodejs. My main concern about javascript has been that, apparently, the community has not adopted one of the practices that, for me, has bee…

Delay constructor execution by using ServiceManager lazy services

A couple years ago I wrote a post about how to improve PHP applications performance by using zend-servicemanager lazy services. In that article I explained how the ServiceManager takes advantage of the proxy design pattern to delay the creation of services, when they are marked as lazy. That can imp…

— 2017 —

Reusing factories in Zend ServiceManager

I think it is doubtless that modern PHP embraces SOLID principles, and therefore, dependency injection. That's why every modern PHP application needs a dependency injection container to deal with it. There are several options out there, depending on the way you like to work. Every container has a sl…

— 2015 —

Managing objects creation and dependency injection with Zend\ServiceManager

Some time ago I wrote the most successful article of this blog, Advanced usage of ServiceManager in Zend Framework 2, explaining all the ways a service can be created by making use of Zend\ServiceManager, the service container component in Zend Framework 2. On this article I'm going to show a real e…

— 2014 —

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