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— 2015 —

Composer advanced concepts

Composer is The Tool in any modern PHP project. Nowadays I can't imagine to work without it. It is much more powerful than some people think, easily solving the integration of third party components in our projects, but there are some advanced features that are less known. I'm going to try to explai…

— 2014 —

Dependency management and autoloading in php projects with composer

One of the common problems we have to confront when starting a new PHP project is how to handle the different dependencies we are going to have. One could think the easier solution is to download all the libraries we are going to need, put them in a lib directory and add them to the version control …

Dependency management in Java projects with Ant and Ivy

Dependency management is very important in any kind of project. Any application will need to use third party libraries to avoid to reinvent the wheel. The problem is that getting each one of them from a different place takes time, and it's not easy to be sure we get the correct version. To solve thi…

Compile NSIS scripts in Linux

NSIS is a well known system used to create Windows installers for any type of application based on scripts. It is good system. Once we have defined our script we can automatically build it to create application installers in minutes, including creation of Windows register entries, installation folde…

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