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— 2016 —

How to properly implement persistent login

I'm sure you are familiar with those "remember me" checkboxes in login forms. They are a common way to allow a user to keep his/her session in a web application for an extended period of time when he is in a trusted computer. One could think that it is a small and easy-to-implement feature, but it h…

— 2014 —

File uploads with Zend Framework 2 and jQuery

We are all very used to file uploads in plenty of web applications. From simple image uploads to a social network to multiple file uploads to file management applications like Dropbox. On this article I'm going to explain how to handle asynchronous multifile uploads from a jQuery powered front-end t…

HTML5 attributes that will save your time

The HTML5 specification is in process to be a standard. New features are being included but some of them are already supported by major modern browsers. One of those features is a group of new HTML tag attributes, really useful to solve situations that used to be fixed by using javascript. Autofocus…

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